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The National Trust of Australia is responsible for the protection and conservation of places of heritage significance for South Australia and Australia.

In 1964, this Cornish mining site at Moonta gained state heritage listing, due to its unique examples of early 19th century Cornish technology.

This was followed by National Heritage Listing in 2017.

National Trust Moonta

The aim of the National Trust of Moonta is to preserve the local mining history, buildings and artefacts and to conserve the area, making it accessible for generations to come, allowing them to participate in, and appreciate the remarkable ingenuity of our Cornish ancestors.

The mining infrastructure at Moonta, on the Yorke Peninsula, forms a unique and important part of the Cornish hard rock mining heritage of both South Australia and Australia, and is an example of the international spread of this technology in the 19th Century.

Cornish Mining Heritage

Fortunately for us, two shepherds stumbled across some wombat holes that had greenish rocks, turning out to be copper – signalling the start of the mining boom on Yorke Peninsula.

In the mid 1800s Moonta had the richest copper mines in the country. Falling copper prices after World War 1 caused closure of the mines in 1923.

The sites within the Moonta Mines National Heritage Area, have been preserved and are being maintained and updated for us to visit and observe, learn and understand what life was like as a miner in the early 19th century.

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