Moonta Mines Walking Trails

There are 4 main trails which can be explored- taking you around the heritage area of the mines.

Trail 1 – Museum/Railway Station/Museum – Approximate length 5kms.  Allow 2 hours

Trail 2 – Museum/Truers Area/Museum – Approximate length 2.5kms.  Allow 1.5 hours

Trail 3 – Museum/Richmans Area/Museum – Approximate length 2kms.  Allow 1.5hrs

Trail 4 – Hancocks Precinct Walk Trail – Starting at the Miner’s Cottage, or start at the Sweet Shop, follow signs – allow 1 hour, can be walked in either direction.

The Moonta Historical Walking Trail.- this walk is provided and managed by the Copper Coast Visitor Information Centre.

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The walks start from the museum

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National Trust Moonta

Copper was first discovered in the area in 1861, by a shepherd named Paddy Ryan. This signaled the start of a mining boom in the area. Today, this heritage listed site provides a fascinating insight into the region’s mining heritage.


National Trust members play an active role in the conservation of South Australia’s built and natural heritage.


Volunteering is a great way to make a difference by protecting our heritage for future generations


Help us preserve our pristine natural environments, buildings that house the stories of other lives and times, and the collections that bring them to life.


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